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shannon byrne

Hi! I'm Shannon, a Ruby on Rails software engineer. I started programming when I attended the first class of The MakerSquare web development bootcamp in June 2013. In ten short weeks, I learned languages and frameworks including Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, and CSS3. But more importantly, I learned how to think like a programmer: quickly, critically, and creatively.

I'm currently a developer at Communication Services for the Deaf, where I work on our online interpreting agency, Vineya. Recent features I've worked on include transitioning our payment system from Paypal to Braintree and creating a Rails API for an Ember.JS and mobile app.

My Projects

URL Shortener

June 2014 - A simple application that shortens URLs, allowing users to select a custom url extension or generating one for them. If the URL has already been shortened, the existing shortened URL will be returned instead.



August 2013 - A community for tattoo artists and enthusiasts to get inspiration (and find artists) for their next tattoo. This Ruby on Rails app offers integration with the Twitter API to allow users to tweet in photos of current tattoos. Users can add tattoos, Artists can make profiles, and everyone can like and comment on favorite tattoos.



June 2013 - GIF-A-Tweet: The first Ruby application I built, ported to Rails as my three-week checkpoint project at MakerSquare. Enter a twitter handle to get a random tweet from the user's timeline. Regular expressions eliminate stopwords, and two keywords are chosen to generate a random GIF using the Giphy API. Needs a major refactor because all the logic is in the controller... yick.


July 2013 - An exercise in creating a :has_many, :through ActiveRecord relationship. The home index shows all books added by all users (and populates information from the GoodReads API using the book's ISBN number). When a user destroys an entry from their own bookshelf, it persists in the books database and on other users' bookshelves.



I'm comfortable working the full stack, but my focus is in backend Rails development. Technologies I'm comfortable with include:

  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript: JQuery, basic Ember.JS, basic Node.JS
  • MySql & Postgres
  • Testing with RSpec, Capybara, and Cucumber
  • APIs: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more

Work History & Resume

Since graduating from the University of Texas in 2010, I've worked in social media, content strategy, and marketing for companies including Bazaarvoice, Solvate, and I'm currently a Ruby on Rails developer at Communication Services for the Deaf.

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Phone: (832) 465-8840